• Weeping Buddha 4.25

    A long long time ago there were two warriors who confronted each other in numerous battles. Both of them wore masks and never saw each others face. After many such encounters one finally prevailed and the younger warrior was killed. Upon removing his opponents mask the older warrior discovered he had killed his own long lost son.
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  • Jade Buddha

    Jade Hotei Buddha 
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  • Polyresin Praying Monk

    This praying monk statue, with its bronze and antique finish, will help you relax into deep meditation. Also, it will help the spiritual energy flow by placing it on your altar. It will bring joy, happiness, and peace into your home. Height: 4.5''
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  • Standing Buddha

    This statue depicts Buddha the Indian prince who renounced his royal birthright to seek enlightenment. The goal was the freedom from the chain of death and rebirth and thus end of all suffering. The word used to describe this goal is Nirvana. Height: 16''
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  • Guru Padmasambhava

    Guru Padmasambhava - Means “Lotus Born”, which refers to Rinpoche’s birth form lotus in the land of Oddiyana. Guru Padmasambhava, the “Precious Master”, is the founder of Tibetan Buddhism. He is the Auspicious Buddha. Height: 6.5''
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