Feng Shui

  • Foo Dogs

    The protectors. These dogs should be placed in pair by the entrance or near to the door to attract positive Chi the universal life force energy and ward off bad Chi. Measures 4.25" high - comes in a pair.
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  • Feng Shui Flutes

    The energy of bamboo teaches the ultimate wisdom - how to be flexible and hollow open on the inside so that the higher energy can freely flow and heal your being.
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  • Energizing Crystal

    As natural sunlight passes through a crystal, it refracts into the colors of the rainbow, radiating prisms of light in all directions.  Crystals have been known for centuries for their power to energize and have been used as a healing tool for 1000’s of years.
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  • Baqua Mirror

    To ward off evil and protect a home, Baquas are placed in the entrances of homes or businesses to reject negative energy and keep good energy inside. Place or hang the mirror in the window nearest the front door, facing out. Feng Shui lore says that if evil comes to your door it will see it's face in the mirror and become frightened and flee. 
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