• Laxmi Mala

    Custom made mala bead for Goddess Laxmi, Goddess of Love , Wealth and Success. 
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  • Rose Quartz Mala Beads

    Rose Quartz - Stone of love and relationships. brings about nurturing and kindeness. Heals the heart and helps develop unconditional love. Soul mate finder. Mala Beads (a Hindi word meaning 'string of beads') are traditionally used as prayer beads in several Eastern traditions, and each bead represents a repetition of the practitioner's mantra. Also...
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  • Moonstone with Smokey...

    Moonstone - Stone of feelings and emotions. Bring about the empowerment of the moon and of the goddess. Stone of fertility and feminine energy. Smokey Quartz - Aids in focusing on new goals and developing new ideas. Works in clearing the emotional consciousness.   Mala Beads are traditionally used as prayer beads, and each bead represents a repetition...
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