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Archangel Uriel



The "Archangel Uriel" pocket-size Crystal Medicine Bag (CMB) is reiki-charged and contains a collection of beautiful and powerful gemstones specifically selected to help you connect with this powerful Archangel. Archangel Uriel's name means "God is light" and his main role is to illuminate situations and give prophetic information and warnings. So call upon Archangel Gabriel for guidance if you need help with making business, life or day-to-day decisions or need some clarity.
This CMB includes:
Cream deer leather pouch
Detailed instructions on how to activate and use it
1" Archangel Uriel medal
Citrine - connects one to Archangel Uriel's wisdom and Divine energy
Fluorite - brings clarity in all situations and promotes spiritual growth
Lapis Lazuli - instills a feeling of peace and helps one access deeper awareness
Rose Quartz - evokes feelings of love
Tiger's Eye - enhances personal power and improves insights
Unakite - helps one take a detached view of draining situations and people

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