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The Atlantis Ring


Its been said that around 1860 a wellknown French Egyptologist Marquis dArgain discovered the ring in the excavations of the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. The ring several thousand years old was adorned with geometric symbols which were placed and balanced according to a very special arrangement. A radiesthesist Arnold de Belizal later inherited the ring. He was a wellknown expert in radiesthesia the science concerned with the energy of shapes. De Belizal investigated and found that this rings geometric shapes created a subtle energy field of powerful vibrations. He found that its electromagnetic waves prevented the alteration of energy patterns resulting in a protective shield for whoever wore it. It also increased the ability to tap into ones own intuitive powers the subconscious mind and the soul. The Atlantis Ring geometric shapes could represent advanced civilizations from the past and the important symbols of balance and harmony the pyramids. An ancient and universal symbol of unity wholeness infinity the circle... the ring.

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